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Saxophone practice- story of an embed

June 6, 2010

Today I wanted to share with you a typical weekend sound from my home. My husband plays a baritone saxophone for a big band and, as he doesn’t get much time to practice during the week, he practices on weekends. (Be kind when listening. He is just practicing and the “barra” is not a normally solo instrument.) Any way this post is about to turn into a ‘How to” because it wasn’t that easy straightforward. I like to document these infrequent tasks so I can remind myself how to do it next time as much as anything.

I had recorded the audio using the default “Voice memo” app on my phone. There are only 2 ways to “share” from that app – MMS or email so I emailed it to myself. That gave me an .m4a file on my lappy. Next step was to work out how to get it into a blog post.

First discovery was that I couldn’t just upload to the site. I am using the free hosted so I saw the message below when I selected “add audio”.

My first puzzled thought was that there was no audio formats listed as allowed file types. I didn’t actually notice and read the finer type below that tells me I need a paid space upgrade to upload audio file type but did go off to read the help files which told me exactly the same thing. (There are lessons there for us writing manuals or web sites. People don’t read below the first couple of sentences. )

So one possibility was to pay for an upgrade. Another was to look for another site that hosts audio files. I had already signed up to Audioboo on my iPhone so they were the first site I thought of but hadn’t played with the site much. They do allow uploads but not m4a files.

So, solutions so far:

  • pay for the space upgrade.
  • record the playing with the Audioboo app in the first place.
  • convert the file to mp3 and host it on Audioboo. This is pretty easy with iTunes.

    Then I could use the audio code found on these directions to link to the file. (I found the right link in the Audioboo embed code). This is what I have done below. This “audio” code only works with mp3 files.
  • host the file elsewhere. We could be hosting it on our space with our ISP and my husband did FTP it there to test this solution. It worked and I could probably link to it there. Or I could have used someplace such as Mediafire. But I would have only been able to link to it not embed it unless I had done the conversion to mp3.
  • Use Posterous. Posterous allows posting by email and converts the m4a to mp3 on the fly. It worked but I can only link to the post not the file (I think- perhaps Posterous gurus could comment).

There are probably many other solutions. Perhaps readers can suggest some?

Anyway, finally, here is “Saxophone practice”:


Theme peril

September 10, 2008
by IndiepoprockJesse

by IndiepoprockJesse

After looking at page after page of wonderful WordPress themes today, trying to find a “temporary, close enough” one for our work WordPress implementation, I decided that the theme on this blog was far too boring. So I picked something more colourful. I like that the links are very easy to see.

Unfortunately, though the theme was listed as having widgets, that function seems not to be working. Those boxes that you can see on the sidebar are not optional. So I can’t add back my “recently clipped or saved feed”. If you miss it let me know. Maybe I will change the theme again. Or I could just send you the feed URL itself.