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This is a test

October 16, 2008

Its a test but you may be interested in what I am doing. (I hope – otherwise I am spamming you poor readers.)

I have installed the WordPress plugin Feedwordpress into my work WordPressMU installation and activated it for a little subblog I have imaginatively called “Sue’s Test blog”. I cannot link you to it – its firewalled.

I have added the feed from this blog to it to test whether its working- but of course I have to post something. I wouldn’t add other feed I have no control over or no rights to resyndicate.

If it does work I could add my feed from my sharing folder to it – sort of a lifestream.

I will let you know.

[UPDATE] It sort of worked. It has a really wierd bug that every post that starts with an “A” gets truncated to just the “A”. I am not the only one reporting the problem but the developer doesnt seem to be around at the moment. Its not critical.

I am also working on getting LDAP authentication working which is much more critical and much more problematic. I would be keen to hear from anyone with a working LDAP authentication to a WordPressMU installation.