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Easy blogrolls

September 4, 2008

One of my 23 things colleagues has just started her own blog (Yay Anne). She was talking about how difficult it was to add her blogroll by typing them in one at a time. I remembered that I didn’t do it that way but had to then remember just how I did do it.

This is how.

How to import links

In the add link section in the dashboard is an “Import Links” link. If you click on it you will see an option to import an OPML file either from a web address or locally.

To get your OPML file from Google reader go to “manage subscriptions” at the bottom of your feeds list. Then you will see an “Import/Export” tab. If you click the “Export your subscriptions as an OPML file” you can save all your feeds which you can then import to your blogroll. Unfortunately at neither end of the process to you get to choose a subset of your links to display. The only way would be to categorize your links or delete the ones that you do not want to show. A painfull process when I have 110 subscriptions.

I did mine from Feeddemon which allows you to select a particular folder to export. A very useful feature.

There is another way which Google Reader provides that you may see used. In the “Settings” under “Folders and tags” there is an option to make a folder public. If you do you will get a link “add blogroll to your site”. This gives a handy script for a widget which you could paste into a text widget to display a dynamic blogroll from just one folder. Except if you are using who do not allow javascript to be used for security reasons. 😦


Sharing links

June 24, 2008

Because I am a librarian and sharing information is what we just do I wanted to start a list of tools that help the easy sharing of links and clips with colleagues and clients. So here it is. The trouble is that I have been working on this for days and I keep finding ones that I didn’t know about and new ones keep getting released. I was going to expand it out into the features, pros and cons of each etc but it is a much bigger project than one blog post. Maybe I should start a wiki for it but maybe it already exists??

I have broken the list below up by the source of the original information.  The first list is just the ones that I have tried.

From Browser ie Web Page/Link

From RSS Reader- sharing a post or link

  • Feeddemon
    • send to
      • email
      • delicious
      • digg
      • blog
    • clip to clippings folder then share via RSS
  • Google Reader
    • star
    • share
    • share with note
    • email
    • tag to a public folder

Sharing journal articles

  • Connotea
  • CiteULike

John over at Library Clips has had a series of posts about many more sharing tools that he has tried:

These are others I have found (some in the last day or two) but have yet to try:
Mister Wong
Awesome Highlighter

If I do expand this out to a wiki I want to limit it to the type of sharing that can be directed to people of groups of people so I didn’t want to include social news aggregation sites like Digg, Mixx, Newsvine or reddit. Or personal clippings and links management tools that don’t have sharing features or at least an RSS feed.

What is your favourite tool at the moment? Opinions, additions ….help???