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23 Things for colleagues

August 15, 2008

I have been “trailing” a 23 Things program with a few colleagues . I wanted to limit it to just those who were really keen and asked me so it has had a small audience. We are all doing it in our “spare” time. A very limited commodity lately. Its running about 4 weeks behind.

So far I have been using email to set them tasks but that is not even Web 1.0 let alone Web 2.0. I didn’t want to use the corporate wiki to do this because it has a very large audience and my selected colleagues are helping me with feedback so that we may roll out a better version to the larger community once the trial is done.

So this morning, running late for work (because I was playing with the new manga me avatar creator), I thought of using this blog as the communication vehicle. I will send out the URL to just the colleagues that are involved in the last email that they will get on the subject.

I have set up a separate category with a separate feed. Those that only want the 23 things updates and not the rest of my ramblings can just subscribe to that feed and get the updates.

The “thing” that we are up to is thing 3 of our modified version and will be to create a blog. The instructions will be in the next post. So you will need to put the first two lessons into effect to get the next thing.

[For the benefit of those others reading this they were RSS feeds and Google reader, then social bookmarking using Delicious]

So colleagues- subscribe to one of the feeds from this blog and look out for the next 23 things post. Please use the comments for each post to give me feedback, critique my instructions etc- just as you have been- but this way you will all get to see each others comments. Be aware that I have comment moderation turned on for this blog to deter spam, so your comments will not appear right away. If you don’t want others to read your comments just say so and I will read it but not approve it for publication. But online conversation is a big part of what we will be discovering so I hope you wont be put off.

Other dear readers- so sorry this may not be interesting for you but I know that a couple of you have run programmes of your own. If you chose to stay around I would welcome your feedback also.

[UPDATE]: Guys – I forgot – probably not a good idea to clearly identify our workplace- this is a public blog. And you might want to use a different email than your work one to post comments. I dont think that they show up but you never are too sure.