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November 27, 2008

I woke this early this morning to the horrible news from Mumbai. I first heard about it – not on the radio- but on my iPhone via Twitter. After all the radio only has scheduled news times. Twitter is instant and constant … and quick.

I had recently started following @BreakingNewsOn who were covering it but also there were also several people in my stream retweeting people who were in Mumbai. There was one person @Vinu who was in the immediate area who twittered his experiences AND very quickly uploaded his disturbing photos to Flickr . Someone else pitched in and bought him a Flickr Pro account just as he was about to run out of space. 

Also, very quickly, everyone Twittering about it started tagging their tweets #Mumbai. Anyone can use that tag to see a constantly updating stream of the news via search.twitter.

And here I am (very quickly) blogging my impressions, not of the event itself, but of the impact of social networking and social media on the way I recieved the news. 

It’s just another reinforcement of Mark Pesce’s notions of hyperconnectivity, he wrote of after the China earthquake in May. I am wondering whether its more mainstream (after all CNN rang Vinu) or am I just more used to it?

PS Twitter is really becoming mainstream now that the likes of Malcom Turnball, Kevin Rudd, Richard Branson and Telstra (or their PR staff) are all using it, some more effectively than others.


Facebook v MSM.

September 16, 2008

We all know that local mainstream media (MSM) filters the news. There is that old adage that a fire down the street is worth more airtime than the 1000s killed yesterday in the Sudan. But if you try and keep up with all the news everywhere then you can feel overwhelmed. You can set up alerts in Google news but they will be restricted to whatever your interests happen to be at the time.

If there are events happening in the world that we ought to be aware of how do you find out?

I have presented before about the value of online social networks in keeping me aware of the latest news in my web, library and online interests.

Today Facebook came to the rescue in keeping me a bit more aware of a human tradegy happening. My cousin worked for the UN and is connected to me on Facebook. Yesterday my cousin commented on this photo and that comment was on my Facebook newsfeed. It has not been made private so I hope very much that the poster does not mind if I post the link here. I then had to go a seek out the news of what was happening in that part of the world.

I am not sure a what I can do but I am using my meager part of hyperconnectivity to respread this bit of news just to remind us that there are others things happening in the world besides the US election and the release of a new browser. 

Facebook won this round.