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Outlook issues

October 28, 2009

I thought I would document this one in the interests of others as it took several man hours (IT help, colleagues and me) to resolve.

We frequently scan bits of paper and email the PDFs to ourselves and others.

Suddenly about a week ago I suddenly wasn’t able to receive the scans from the MFD (multi function device- or big machine that copies, prints and scans) that is in the library. I could receive from any other machine but it was a pain to walk up to the other end of the building to do it. I logged a call with our IT people for help.

After a bit of testing it arose that I was the only one with the issue. My colleague in the desk next to me could get scans emailed from the same machine just fine. It was getting very weird. the first thing I thought of was the junk email folder but that was empty.

A bit more testing from IT at the exchange resolved that it wasn’t an MS exchange issue either but somehow the emails were getting auto permanently deleted. (Thanks Jeremy). If a scan was sent to me while I was shut down the email went to the web mail just fine so the issue was my local setup.

Then I  got worried.  Around the time the problem started there were several updates to key bits of software. I started looking at what I could uninstall and also looked around at any Outlook add-ons that I had.

All this testing was a pain to my colleague (thanks Aimee) – I had to change sites and was ringing her every 5 minutes to ask her to try sending me another scan from the questionable machine.

I don’t know what made me look but I found it.


In the “Junk email options” I had ticked ON “permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead on moving it to the junk email folder”. Now I remember turning that on several months ago after seeing nothing but true junk in the folder and getting sick of deleting it. Clicking it off and getting yet another test sent proved it. The test went straight to the Junk folder.

The mystery is why Outlook suddenly decided that the MFD address was junk. Adding it to the exceptions has, hopefully, now solved it. But I am also now worried that there has been other emails that I have missed in the intervening months.

So this is a warning. However well you think Outlook is handling your junk email DO NOT be tempted to select the “permanent delete” option as “permanently” in this case does NOT mean “move to the delete folder” and you can’t see and monitor what Outlook is deciding is junk.


Ode to a lappy: Part 2

December 11, 2008

I wrote about how much my laptop was helping my productivity and online learning in June.

from spcummings Flickr

from spcummings Flickr

Well yesterday it broke.  Apparently it is something on the motherboard and needs to be looked at by Dell – which could take a few days.  I was grateful that it wasn’t the hard drive because, even though I KNOW different, a large proportion isn’t backed up anywhere.  My IT colleagues have lent me a replacement laptop and transferred the contents of the desktop folder on the old hard drive to this one.

So I am operational – somewhat. Which is actually the point of this post.

I have admin rights but because I only have the loaner for a few days I am not going to install everything that I have on the old laptop or bother IT to image the old machine. I am missing quite a bit and it’s slowing me down but not necessarily stopping me. I thought I would start a list of the bits that I am missing from the corporate image provided. It could help me in the future recreate my machine if necessary and it will let you know what I use every day. (BTW its a long list.)

  • Voyager (library software) circulation module. This is absolutely necessary and I had to reinstall it.
  • Firefox bookmarks – I have only been saving a my research bookmarks to Delicious not the bookmarks in my toolbar that I use everyday. I will be changing this as a back up.
  • Firefox plugins  and  bookmarklets- delicious and google email/share are the ones that I am missing most so far. WordPress “press this” bookmarklets for the different blogs.
  • desktop widgets- I have been using a small set of Yahoo widgets to monitor things like wifi access
  • software for the Dymo label writer
  • webcam software (could work without it but it adds a dimension to phone calls and meetingplace)
  • iTunes- I can’t sync my iPhone at the moment
  • desktop feeds- I have been using Feeddemon and trying out Outlook 2007 to access our firewalled feeds from our blogs and wiki.
  • Procite and Endnote- used to help clients work out issues but also to maintain publication lists for my division
  • Snagit- really missing as I am trying to write an induction powerpoint and have to update the screen shots.
  • Adobe Acrobat. We send out a lot by PDF and some need editing.
  • Irfanview found it
  • Pidgen for IM but I do have MSN
  • Skype
  • Picassa and Flickr uploader
  • WinSCP – to load themes and plugins for our WordPressMU installation
  • Dreamweaver
  • Windows media player classic- not everything will play in windows media player
  • Office 2007. The corporate default is 2003 and I was allowed to try out 2007 to test the RSS feeds in Outlook 2007. Despite everyone hating it and some initial frustrations I have rapidly got to like the new layouts epecially the categoires and task management in Outlook. I was heading to “inbox zero” as a benefit.

There are also some things that are desktop versions of some apps that I use to get content to my iPhone:

  • Stanza
  • Audible
  • Toodledo sync
  • Splashshopper (list maker)
  • Evernote

There is probably more but that’s what has come to mind after 24 hours. What would you miss most?