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June 27, 2010

This is going to start off sounding like a riddle.

What happens when a science librarian and a geologist/saxophone playing/IT nerd share a study? This mess:

The book shelves are actually one of my pride and joys. We lived with a muddle of shorter units piled on top of each other that were repurposed from another house but I always dreamed of floor to ceiling wall to wall shelving in our study. The benches on either side came first and we have some other shelves on the two other walls that were salvaged from an office refit. Because it would have to be made to measure it was going to be too expensive to get it custom made and too big a job for hubby to do. So we did without. Then one day I had an epiphany. With some careful measuring and some compromises we made these from various units from Ikea. The compromises were some gaps around the base where the corners meet the benches. But it was great when I realized that some CD drawers nicely filled one of the side gaps at the top.

What’s the messy bit? Well these books all started off being arranged by subject. They are our non fiction books that have survived several moves. A couple are texts that I have had since uni. When I had finished arranging them there were none that were lying flat or sideways but hubby doesn’t replace them so well and I gave up fixing them.

What about fiction? There wasn’t enough room until I thought to buy them their own bookshelf which lives in the family room. Recreational reading in the recreational area. Made sense. We don’t buy many new books these days. Which is just as well. I would have to weed these to make room. (By they way they are grouped by genre then author :))


A musical interlude

June 20, 2010

I have mentioned before that my hubby plays baritone saxophone for a big band. They are called Rush Hour. Not being a night person I don’t go to many of their gigs but today they were playing at Fete De La Musique, an all day free event at the Lake Monger Recreation Centre (Wembly Bowling Club). They played at the same event last year but the vibe was not the same. Last year’s was in Fremantle on a market day and, as they are LOUD and you could hear them in the street, they attracted a lot of passing trade. You can see a clip from last years show. This year’s event was a bit more out of the way and you would have to have known that it was on. They played first so they were on at 11am. Which meant that they had lots of time to set up but it was before the crowd started turning up for the food. I took some photos and videos with my phone to share with you all. A couple I streamed to Qik to try it out but they aren’t great quality. This one is better. Hubby is on the far right. the soloist is Ross.

They only had 1/2 hour then there was a heavy rock band  (Blackjack) followed by a classical trio (Trio Espressivo). We couldn’t stay longer but the rest of the program [pdf] was going to be  just as varied.

The food was french so we piled up croissants and baguettes to take home and partook of waffles and crepes there. Then we went to Herdsmen Fresh to do the weekend shopping on the way home.

It was a good day. NTS: I should go out more often.

kids today!

June 15, 2010

I know I have posted before about how my kids make me proud. They can also cheer me up. After a hard day week month I have come home to hear the story from my Mr15 of the results from his mid year English exam.

Background. Recently there has been a milestone moment in a parents upbringing. We have spent the weekend considering his subjects for Year 11. With all the implication that those choices bring.  With these subjects will he get into whatever choice he wants to make at University? Will these choices fit the prerequisites? etc etc. There is the expectation that he will go to uni but his choices are so many. My Ms-now-18 was very set on what she wanted to do and her choices were clear. She did the big 5 in year 12  – English Lit, 2 x Math, Physics and Chemistry. Mr 15 loves his Drama and Art but also his science but he is not so “hardcore”. He had to nominate 7 so we settled on English, 1 math, Chemistry, Biology, Art , Drama and Media production. I worry that he is under selling himself but contrarily I know he is much more “creative” than his science geek parents and sister and would worry if he gave up his art and drama as well. So, gentle readers, you get that it’s a worrying time for a parent.

Back to the English exam. His question was “Discuss two or more texts that you have studied recently. Compare them and discuss techniques that they use…” (He is a bit vague on the detail here). His elective for this semester in English has been public speaking. For this they have been studying debate, battle speeches,  political speeches… and eulogies.

So for his two texts he chose to compare John Cleese’s eulogy for Graham Chapman and Helen Clarke’s eulogy for Edmund Hillary. From memory. With pointers on how Helen could learn from John.

He got a nice 27/30.

As he was telling me he was channeling Cleese with some silly walks thrown in.

He will be OK.

Sunday- resting

June 13, 2010

I seem to be letting this challenge add to my stress levels. Rather than give up completely I will leave you today with another nice thing currently in my garden.

TV meme

June 11, 2010

Now for something completely different.

Kudos to Mal Booth for this meme (Sorry Con. I couldn’t do the book one without revealing that I am one of those weird librarians that have lost the reading habit. Oh … wait …)

Do you snack while watching TV? Snack? Everything especially dinner but not breakfast.

What is your favourite TV show? Currently. Dr Who, House, NCIS, Castle, Spicks and Specks, Being Human, Big Bang Theory

What TV show makes you run to change channels? Commercial “Current Affairs”,Oz Soaps, Most sport, Reality TV

How do you view your TV guide: online, on-screen, newspaper, magazine, other? Kind of online, we use the EPG built into our media centre software which also has a built in web page that can be viewed from our laptops when connected to the home WLAN.

Have you ever been surveyed for your TV-viewing habits or do you know anyone who has been? Yes, We actually had a rating meter in our house for a while but didn’t make the distance to collect our reward. It was only linked to one machine and could only be a “traditional” TV and near a phone point. I remember that it was a pain so we asked them to take it away after a couple of months. The restrictions of the technology meant it certainly wasn’t accurately capturing our viewing habits. (We had multiple TVs even then.)

Do you watch TV news and/or current affairs regularly? Yep, usually more than one but at least the ABC.

Do you watch any TV “soaps”? (Truth please, even if it is embarrassing.) Probably given a broad definition of soap (is Glee a soap?)- but not any of the current offerings usually thought of under that genre. (However, when I was younger we avidly watched “Country Practice” and “The Sullivans” and then when I was at Uni my grandmother, who I was boarding with, got me hooked on “Days of our lives”. Work replaced that addiction.)

What other series shows do you try not to miss? Other than I have already listed? I can’t think of much. We record anything we may miss- also we have 2 tuners so we don’t miss much due to conflicts either.

Any previous series or shows you really liked? How far back can I go?  Monty Python, the Goodies, Star Gate, Dr Who, Star Trek, Torchwood, the early Red Dwarf …

Do you have pay TV or are the digital channels enough? Digital (and other means) suffice.

Do you only watch certain TV shows online? No. Well, like Fiona, they aren’t online when we watch them. Unless you can call Dr Horrible or the Guild “TV” shows.

Do you regularly use services like ABC catch-up or other online replays? No. I have but I wouldn’t say regularly (and see previous answer).

Do you ever pay any attention to the adverts? No-except maybe to wince or to yell back at them. Auto skip is a truly wonderful invention.

Do you multi-task while watching TV & if so what else are you doing? Well lets put it this way. The sofa in the living room has powerboards and laptop chargers positioned at each end and we selected it partially for its nice wide laptop holding arms. I also have the news on while cooking.

Is there a TV show that makes you laugh out loud? IT Crowd, Spicks and Specks.

Have you ever said no to a social invitation to stay at home and watch TV? (Truth again please.) Mind telling us what the show was? Not that I can remember.

Do you record TV shows & if so why and how (VCR, DVD recorder, TIVO, laptop, etc.)? How: We have a computer that hubby and the kids built from components with 2 tuners, a DVD recorder that’s not often used and 2TB of storage. It runs Ubuntu and Mythtv. It is positioned so its “hidden” behind the screen. I am quite proud of this set up. It was a family effort and fits our DIY way of doing things. We did it so that we could upgrade without having to replace the whole thing. Blu ray was looming large at the time but we mostly play things from the hard drive not the DVD. Why: Actually on our set up everything is recorded and we can rewind or pause “live TV”. But also many of my favourite shows are on simultaneously or after I go to bed or while hubby wants to watch the motorcycle racing. Recording means that you are never tied to a schedule. Feel like a movie but a show is on? Just record the show and watch it later. It also means its easier to compromise and watch something as a family or let Mr15 and hubby game on the “nice” screen and watch what I wanted to see later. We are much more discerning now and watch live TV less than we used to (and skip ads).

Least favourite TV personality/actor/character? There are so many that I probably don’t even know. Bert Newton. The people on the football panel shows.

Most popular TV personalities/actors/character? Tennant as the Dr, John Barrowman as Jack. Richard Dean Anderson as Jack (SG1). Seems to be a theme here so to divert you I will throw in Helen Mirren for being and playing a strong “older” woman.

Have you ever seen anything really memorable on TV (not news/events – made for TV drama, etc.)? There is plenty that have left a lasting mark on popular culture. I remember watching Monty Python as a kid and they were just so radical for the time. No-one was quite getting it but we were all hooked. It was great being able to buy the DVDs and introducing the kids to them. Mr15 knew that he was at the right high school when his new peers were also referencing Monty Python jokes.

Do you prefer TV series or stand-alone shows? Series

Is there a specific show you find yourself recommending over and over? Dr Who

A Saturday in winter

June 5, 2010

No rules. I do not want to think about work on a long weekend so the next three posts will probably be about my home.

Anyway this one is.

Winter in my garden means an excess of citrus. I have ripe navel oranges and limes falling from the tree. We are having fresh juice and Mr15 is making orange rasin scones.

I have written this on the wordpress app on my phone so formatting may be “interesting”.