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Thing we made today: raised vegetable bed frame.

June 15, 2014

Four pieces of 3.3 metre decking from the scrap yard for $10 each. Each made one end and a side. It was nice as the top and bottom were rolled and so not sharp. We used some Dexion that we had down the back shed for legs cut into 4 lengths. Felt virtuous using recycled materials. Ian got to use his nibbler attachment that we bought a while back to cut the decking.

Planned to make 2. Got one done. And it’s bigger than I had in my head. It still needs washing down and the bolts painted to rust proof them a bit better. The Dexion sticks out at the top so I can potentially use it for netting or reticulation and at the bottom so we can drive it into the ground.

I will put cardboard underneath to mulch out the lawn then fill it lasagne style. It may need repositioning yet. I will see how the sun strikes it for a bit before we fill it in case it needs to be shifted.

Design process

Measure and cut

Pieces to assemble

Final frame in place?


Thing I learnt about today: WebGL

June 14, 2014

I am reviving this blog for a particular purpose. I have long forgotten everywhere this post may propagate so this itself could be interesting.

Anyway. What purpose?

I did my APA (annual performance review thingy) the other day and, of course, it generated some reflection on the year that was. It was a gratifyingly long list of tasks completed but last year was also a year of learning many new things, large and little, that I hadn’t documented.

So I am going to start (re)documenting things I learn in order to track them. Now don’t expect large reflection posts- although that may happen. Things political and issues work related are problematic and won’t be mentioned.

However I am learning lots in my current role that can be mentioned. Some are merely new-to-me concepts that I needed to investigate more, not huge revelations in general. Also last year was a bit satisfyingly creative at home. I count that as learning too so will be including those sorts of things here.

One “thing” per post? Maybe. Some days I learn more than others. Maybe one post per day or week will be enough. Most posts may be a simple term and a link. This post is likely to be the longest for a while.

The “thing” for today WebGL. @mpesce mentioned it on Twitter this morning so I went off to read about it. I should have already known. There are collections in our data repository that really need WebGL to display. I just hadn’t grokked that before. See? Learnt something.