DRM woes- when free isn’t

June 19, 2010

I am sure others have sorrier tales than this. I don’t even have an eReader yet. I use my iPhone. And I am a tightwad so I don’t tend to buy much . But I did succumb to a free book offer from Audible. I signed up and downloaded the book but then didn’t continue the membership. As I said I am a tightwad and anyway talking books put me to sleep.

But it was a free book offer so its mine right? Well only until I get a new computer (which I did last week) and want to retain the book. I have to reauthorize the account on the new computer. Only I didn’t continue it. So I can’t.

I can’t even retain it on the phone as it wont sync.



One Response to “DRM woes- when free isn’t”

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