June 8, 2010

I have learnt that I should post in the morning. (I am accumulating these learnings for an eventual “Things that I have learnt doing this challenge” post). Anyway this morning was spent catching up with the news re the iPhone so I ran out of time. Excuses, excuses.

Today at work was particularly discouraging and dispiriting for reasons I can’t even post about. And it has sucked the coherence from my mind.

So this image that I was pointed to today by my Friendfeed network seems apt in more ways than one:


2 Responses to “Tumbleweeds”

  1. Ruth Baxter Says:

    Many of us are having those sort of days at the moment. Hope things pick up for you soon.

  2. […] first rule of blogging was “have something to say”. Some days I just […]

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