A Saturday in winter

June 5, 2010

No rules. I do not want to think about work on a long weekend so the next three posts will probably be about my home.

Anyway this one is.

Winter in my garden means an excess of citrus. I have ripe navel oranges and limes falling from the tree. We are having fresh juice and Mr15 is making orange rasin scones.

I have written this on the wordpress app on my phone so formatting may be “interesting”.


4 Responses to “A Saturday in winter”

  1. Penny Says:

    yum. I’ll take some of your oranges.

  2. haikugirloz Says:

    I’ve had no luck growing citrus but I have a standing agreement with my neighbours to help myself to their lemon tree :O)

  3. […] at least Penny and Kate did. We have thought about the effects of the colder weather on citrus (Sue), chihuahuas (Con)  and on the number of people who use our libraries (Michelle)…although […]

  4. Kerryn Says:

    An orange raisin scone with a cup of tea would be perfect right now!

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