How many WiFi connections?!

July 19, 2009

Hubby was asked by son to “help” configure his and his mate’s Nintendo DS Lites to hook up to our home WiFi network. After much research (including one site which stated incorrectly that our router was incompatible)  we finally found the answer that worked on a router support forum. The key, we think, was that our network passkey had to be in ASCII not Hex. We chose the opportunity to strengthen our network passkey. We also protect our network by MAC address filtering.

Of course then we had to reconfigure every other connected device in the house.  I thought that I would document the list and the issues.

  • 2 laptops running Windows XP- one using a Dell wireless utility- no problems so far a reboot didn’t fix (these are our work supplied machines).
  • 1 XP laptop (our son’s) using a Belkin PMCIA slot wireless card.  The utility wanted a hex passkey so we entered a hex translation. We restarted the card by physically removing and reseating it, then it accepted the hex version of the passkey and connected.
  • Tablet running Kubuntu Jaunty. A lot of problems. Turns out there is a documented bug where it won’t accept an ASCII passkey. Installing WICD worked here.
  • iPhone- no problem
  • Nokia E71- no problem
  • Nintendo Wii- no problem
  • 2 x Nintendo DS Lite- they started it

Occasional visitors (B-I-L and daughter) yet to be re added and tested:

  • a laptop running Vista
  • a laptop running Ubuntu 9.04

I know we could have more, e.g. if we had other internet connected gaming consoles, but I think this is a lot of WiFi networked devices for one small household. And this list doesn’t include the two desktop PCs that use cable for their networking (one is our media server running MythTV on Ubuntu 7.10).

How does your household compare?


2 Responses to “How many WiFi connections?!”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Stupid Nintendo DS only allow WEP, not WPA. WEP is easily cracked, so you have to sacrifice your network security just to hook the blasted DS up.

    Before I moved, I had:

    1 laptop running Vista Ultimate and Windows 7
    1 netbook running Windows 7
    1 iPhone
    1 XBox 360
    1 Desktop PC

    And this was all my own gear 😛

    Initially, I was running WPA2, but discovered that the XBox didn’t like it, so I had to downgrade to WPA1.

  2. Sue Says:

    What did you keep and are you surviving the lessening in connectivity? I see on your blog that the iPhone was kept and the laptop(?) but did you decide to keep the netbook as well? (Lovely posts and pics BTW)

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