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This is a test

October 16, 2008

Its a test but you may be interested in what I am doing. (I hope – otherwise I am spamming you poor readers.)

I have installed the WordPress plugin Feedwordpress into my work WordPressMU installation and activated it for a little subblog I have imaginatively called “Sue’s Test blog”. I cannot link you to it – its firewalled.

I have added the feed from this blog to it to test whether its working- but of course I have to post something. I wouldn’t add other feed I have no control over or no rights to resyndicate.

If it does work I could add my feed from my sharing folder to it – sort of a lifestream.

I will let you know.

[UPDATE] It sort of worked. It has a really wierd bug that every post that starts with an “A” gets truncated to just the “A”. I am not the only one reporting the problem but the developer doesnt seem to be around at the moment. Its not critical.

I am also working on getting LDAP authentication working which is much more critical and much more problematic. I would be keen to hear from anyone with a working LDAP authentication to a WordPressMU installation.


23 things – Mashups – Flickr uses

October 13, 2008

As I said on the previous post one of the ways that new content is generated on the “read write web” is that existing services release their API.

Flickr did this and there are a large number of services that use either the API or the RSS feed to enable users to generate new images from Flickr images. I have tried only a couple – ColorĀ Fields Experimental Colr Pickr which lets you find photos using a colour wheel and Spell with Flickr which generated the image below. A Trading cards generator has been extremely popular with librarians.

s32 Italic Capital Letter U (Beltsville, MD) gold e McElman_071126_2020 I Alphabet Block b R A r26 I A n

Homework for this post is to try two of these services that I haven’t and write a post reviewing them.

As usual thanks to Helene Blowers and Kathyrn Greenhill for pointers to the resources talked about here.

23 Things- Mashups

October 13, 2008

One of the principles of Web 2.0 is the the web is now the “read write web”. Content can be user generated and not only via posts to blogs and wikis. Via RSS and sites choosing to release their API , data can be taken from sites and re-purposed in many ways. Taking “data” or content and re-purposing it is often called a mashup.

During this 23 things program we are going to be looking at a few different mashups and ways of creating them.

Have a look at Sirexkat’s post about other Web 2.0 principles especially her great presentation shared with us via slideshare and read a couple of the references.

Also have a look at this presentation from Larry Lessig at TED about the implications of mashups for copyright law:

So this post’s task is about reflection. Perhaps write something about the bigger picture of what we are learning, Web 2.0, Library 2.0 or mashups. The next task will be hands on again.