Dinner with librarian bloggers

September 17, 2008

Had a lovely dinner tonight with flexnib and her M, sirexkat, and exploded library who was visiting Perth for a conference.

Exploded library with iPhone. We were comparing notes.

Sirexkat and Flexnib

Sirexkat was taking a movie of us discussing three questions about librarianship today

We talked librarys and gadgets and blogging of course.

The great news is that I get to do it all again in November with free range librarian. I hope that I will not be a TOTAL fan girl and will talk sensibly.

This is not just about my social life. Its also by way of a part 2 review of my iPhone blogging experience.  I have discovered that, although handy, the WordPress application that I used to do my earlier post is pretty basic. It is fine to do a quick post with a photo or start a draft. It is not immediately obvious to this noob how to add a link especially since the IPhone does not support cut and paste. Apparently they are working on adding comment moderation. And the application is open source so I will expect many further enhancements.


4 Responses to “Dinner with librarian bloggers”

  1. CW Says:

    Cheers Sue!
    Good point re FRL, now i’m going to worry about being a total fan girl – which usually renders me speechless! :O (But seriously folks, it should be fun!)

  2. […] I’ve taken the title from Sue Cook’s post about dinner last night, so that I can point you to the rest of it with pretty photos: Dinner with librarian bloggers . […]

  3. morgan Says:

    Hi Sue, it was nice to meet you in person too! Now that the ALLA conference is in full swing, this holiday seems more distant now.

  4. first impressions of ALLA 2008…

    I’ve just returned from the 2008 ALLA conference in Perth. It was my intention to blog most of the sessions which I attended, but my notes are quite messy and so it will take some time to get them ready….

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