Iphone blogging

September 14, 2008

This is a test but it is mind blowing if it works. I am posting this from my phone. Imagine if you will the consequenses when (not if) this becomes mainstream.

The photo is my hubby practising.

[EDIT] There was no edit option so I have hopped back on the lappy to expand. The photo was also taken with my phone. The whole post took a matter of a few minutes to write, take the picture and load. The consequences that immediately come to mind are for journalism. When a good proportion of the populace have a blog and a web and camera enabled phone any event can be immediatley recorded and published. Actually I wouldn’t need a blog. I could just have easily posted something with a photo to Facebook or Twitter with better effect as more people read my streams there.


6 Responses to “Iphone blogging”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    and yes the hyperconnectivity continues… 🙂

  2. Thanks for this Sue. You do realise I’ve contracted out all my iPhone exploration to you, don’t you? That way I get to understand what it is all about without the expense of buying one or drama of convincing my husband that I need one 😉

  3. CW Says:

    Can’t wait for it to become mainstream, Sue! 🙂

    BTW, how come I didn’t realise you were blogging here??

  4. Sue Says:

    @CW Dunno- perhaps I should push my posts into Twitter more often 🙂 I did it with the first ever post but haven’t done it again ’til this one.

  5. CW Says:

    And the funny thing is, i saw this post not on Twitter but on Facebook 🙂

  6. […]  I have discovered that, although handy, the WordPress application that I used to do my earlier post is pretty basic. It is fine to do a quick post with a photo or start a draft. It is not immediately […]

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