23 Things – Images #2

September 12, 2008

This is a fun one.

It has two parts.

a. Avatars.

On blogs and online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and Flickr we can not only represent ourselves with a name or handle but also an image. We can use a photo of ourselves but we might have privacy concerns about this or worry about being prejudged by our age, race or gender

But there are also online image generators which we can use to generate fun custom cartoon images of ourselves which we can use.

Here are just some:

Look for more by searching delicious for “avatars”.

The task is to make a new avatar for yourself and use it somewhere online. Facebook or a blog post or Flickr. Somewhere that you can link to. Oh- and tell me where it is.

b. Image generators.

Similarly there are a whole heap of other online image generators that you can use for that perfect image to accompany a blog post or for a powerpoint.

For inspiration check out the powerpoint that Kathryn Greenhill made for an Unconference in 2007. Also the slide set of the images made by the PLCMC 23 things program.

There are lists on the other 23 things sites at Murdoch University Library and PLCMC. A good resource for this one is the Generator Blog. And of course a search of delicious.

(By the way- have you noticed that delicious searches have feeds??)

Obviously the next task is to choose an image generator and generate an image.


3 Responses to “23 Things – Images #2”

  1. ais4anne Says:

    Part A done (will probably change my “photo” on Facebook, but for now, check out my blog :), part b to do …, and you’re right – this was fun. Manga needs to get at least one more scarf option, though 🙂

  2. Anne Says:

    anne can’t keep her mouth shut (or should that be fingers off the keyboard) today; not sure if this will work, and you may have already seen it, but just in case: http://www.daveyp.com/cgi-bin/l2/ideas.pl?5144.40657713293|1223711653 Its from Library 2.0 Idea Generator which I got from The Generator Blog that you linked to.

  3. Sue Says:

    OMG what a great catch – also look what truned up three clicks in http://www.flickr.com/photos/suelibrarian/2936844562/

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