On the size of the biblioblogosphere

September 10, 2008

I was looking at this list. it is the list of librarian blogs that Walt Crawford has compiled for a survey/study on librarian blogs. I say librarian blogs rather than library blogs as Walt excludes official library blogs in his criteria.

The thing that struck me was despite the criteria being quite high (a Technorati authority of seven or higher) there are still 587 blogs on the list (thanks to LIS news– I wasn’t going to count them). I have 50 odd librarian blogs in my reader and usually feel overwhelmed by my unread feeds.

If everyone of these blogs are posting original content what hope have we to keep up with it all? I wonder what the number of similar blogs in other professions would be? Is this a high number? I have nothing to relate this to at the moment. But someone is sure to have done a study.

Thanks to online social networks, such as Twitter, Friendfeed, we don’t actually have to read every post of every blog to keep up. “Friend” a few gurus with similar interests and all that content gets filtered and feed to you automagically. The amount of content that you are keeping in touch with greatly enlarges with every connection that you make. It helps that our profession naturally shares information. That is what we are trained to do.


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