Talent in Libraryland

August 24, 2008

Today I bring you evidence of the ways that social networking and blogging can bring together amazing projects.

I saw David Lee King and Michael Porter’s call for contributions for a project go out on Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook and their blogs. They wrote a song and asked for everyone else to contribute clips of themselves singing the chorus. The final video including the clips was posted yesterday.

My friend and organiser of unconferences, Kathryn, had the idea to get our unconference participants to sing but we never got around to doing it on the day (probably because the not so able MC forgot to include it in the program).

She not only filmed herself singing, but piped it into Second Life and danced to it as her avatar. Very meta Kathryn.

See the video and Kathryn’s full clip on her post. Also the video, back story and the lyrics and credits on Michael Porter’s blog. Be warned – the song will give you an ear worm for a  while.


One Response to “Talent in Libraryland”

  1. It made me so happy to see this post. Sure, I was pleased to see that the song didn’t make you cover your ears, but that the way you told the story of the song had a local twist.

    Not only is Kathryn’s video very meta, but it was also to very first submission we got from our call for participation. From half way around the planet she is an inspiration and I hope we can help share a little of that with the song and video.

    And you know, in all fairness, it is *really* hard to get large groups of people to sing along to a new, strange song, especially at a conference. Though I wouldn’t know what your unconference was like exactly since I wasn’t there….well, I *sort of* was there actually, in that I met Constance on-line (I’m in Seattle, Washington though:) in World of Warcraft during a demo session. Did you see that session? I hear there were about 20 people there?

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