23 Things part 3- a blog

August 18, 2008

First of all a little refresher. Use your delicious account to search for resources tagged “23things”. Read a couple. Bookmark them if you want- using delicious of course. When you tag them try adding the “for:suethelibrarian” so I will see them too.

Now – time to bite the bullet.

The original “23 things” starts of with some reading then creating a blog. So far we haven’t done that. Mostly because I knew that you wouldn’t be comfortable with it but also because I knew that RSS feeds and social bookmarking were really useful to you right now and it was best to get them done in case you dropped out. 🙂

I need to be able to show you later how to incorporate the things that we will be using later into the blog so you will need to have one. So we will each create a blog with the express purpose of using it to record your progress through the 23 things and reflecting on the implications of what you are learning for libraries and our services.

First of all have a look at the three 23 things links below which are specifically about setting up a blog




The programs above use Blogger as it is very easy to set up and links to your Google account. However WordPress.com has added functionality and it will be good to get familiar with the interface. It’s just a hosted version of WordPress. We will use WordPress.com.

The basic steps are to:

1. Sign up for an account. Choose your email that you want to link to your account very carefully as they say. All comments moderation notifications etc are sent to that account. You may not want to use your work email. (Your blog may get very popular and get lots of comments and comment spam.)

2. Think about your privacy options. Choose your username carefully. It will appear on your posts. Also now is the time to think about the title of you blog as that will be in the URL.

3. Take a look at these clues from WordPress.com “Where do I start” also their features page.

4. Once you are signed up you will be presented with the administration dashboard. Explore all the tabs here. Especially check the options under “settings” and “users” which hide over to the right hand side of the dashboard.

5. You will see that you have 1 post “hello world” and 1 page. You will probably want to change these. Leaving a “Hello world” post on a blog unaltered is not a good thing.

6. Have a look at your site. It will be very sparse and the design will be the default “theme”. Have a look at the other themes available under the design tab. Pick one. Play with the available widgets.

6. When you are signed in and on your site you will see a top bar with ‘My Account” and “My Dashboards” on it. These will not show to visitors.

7. Write a post.

8. Find the RSS feed. Subscribe to your own blog.

9. Put the URL for your blog in the comments of this post.

If you need help there is a help link from your dashboard or contact me.

Have fun.


4 Responses to “23 Things part 3- a blog”

  1. Anne Stevenson Says:

    http://slibrariAnne.wordpress.com … mustn’t have worked when I tried to post a comment last night

  2. Sue Says:

    Sorry for that – your comments were caught by the Askimet spam filter because of the hyperlink.

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