Recollections and 23 things

June 11, 2008

As part of my motivation for this blog was to figure out how to evangelize Web 2.0 technologies to my colleagues I have been thinking about how I came to be here.

As I didn’t document the process its fairly unclear but I remember some events along the way.

In January 2004 I went to VALA where just one of the highlights was Lorcan Demsey giving the closing keynote. I came away with a notepad full of acronyms that I hadn’t heard of and I swore not to get so far behind in my professional current awareness again.

Then in March 2005 I bought a Treo 650. I was motivated to buy a smart phone as I was sick of carrying around a PDA and a phone and had a very ancient phone. The thing with a Treo is that it isn’t a toaster. It takes some work to set up and customize. To get full use out of it I started looking for help on the web. That lead me to various Treo forums and to Jenny Levine’s blog and her series of Treo posts. A librarian blog!

One thing leads to another. I started with a Bloglines subscription sometime in 2005 (judging by the date on some saved posts in the clippings folder) then moved my ever increasing feeds to Google Reader. I was working part-time during this period and had some time and access to the web at home to play. I had been reading but just started reading Librarians Matter in time to catch that Jessamyn was coming to Perth and I happened to sit next to Kathryn at that talk. 2007 was a whir of starting a new full time job that gave still gave me full access to the web, meeting other librarian bloggers, joining Twitter and going to a Barcamp, Podcamp and an Library Unconference.

I think the main lessons from this long and rambling post would be to start with a motivation to be aware and keep aware of new technologies, get some tools and some mentoring to help the process. Also people need some time with full web access to play.

We have been talking about running a “23 things” program since February. I have added it to the todo list but need to research running it for distance learners. (There are 27 of us all over the country with a great deal of variation in awareness level.) I am also curious about the designer of the program’s choice to introduce blogging and Flickr before RSS whereas my experience was the other way around … and I am blogging well after everything else. 🙂


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