Hello world

June 11, 2008

After much nagging to start a blog I finally thought up my own motivation. I have been thinking up possible Web 2.0 solutions to some of the issues with MPOW lately and I need a place to document the processes.

So this isn’t a place necessarily for others but for myself – so I can list the projects, play, brainstorm and look back on progress (hopefully).

I am not going to make any promises to be active here or to post regularly or to write beautiful prose.

And yes Kathryn I am now regretting not doing it earlier. I have been actively experimenting with online social networking sites for just over a year and I wish now that I had documented the process. It would now help me lead others down the same pathways. However, somehow, blogging to me was a much more personal and exposing activity and it has taken me a while to be comfortable with being online.

Because this space is part of the experiment it will change often. I will be trying out themes, widgets, changing things around and playing without notice.


5 Responses to “Hello world”

  1. Congrats Sue and welcome to the world of blogging.

    Great to see you here and thanks for the link from Twitter.

    I’m getting your feed, so I look forward to your contributions to the wider library blog conversations.


  2. KatieTT Says:

    Hi Sue- and my congrats to you too!
    I have started and stopped a couple of blogs- a couple of years ago, but I’m about to start a blog too!
    My problem seems to be that I don’t want to blog just about library things, there’s a whole bunch of other things important to me too, but I’ve decided that it will be a “sum of parts” blog.
    Will let you know when it all happens too, but in the meantime you’re in my netvibes!!

  3. KatieTT Says:

    Hi Sue,

    Congratulations too.
    You’re in my netvibes.


  4. Hi Sue. ’bout time 🙂 Seriously though, often you will push out things on twitter that I wish you had fleshed out in a blog post. Like – tips on running a corporate blog, getting buy-in from staff and clients, fiddling with syncing calendars, ping.fm.

    Glad to see you are here. I find that often when I’m asked about something at work, if I have blogged about it not only do I actually know what I think (!), but also how to say it and a couple of references to back me up. No, I don’t point people to the blog post – I try not to mention my blog too much at work at all – but I do find I have a good idea of what to say as a result of having blogged it.

  5. Sue Says:

    Hi Michelle, Katie, Kathyrn,
    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Katie- I’m looking forward to your blog. I have been curious about your house experiences. I have been trying to slowly retrofit mine.

    Kathryn- I think that its a matter of confidence. Most of the things that you mention are still very much works in progress and what I was posing on Twitter were mainly questions. But you are right and the questions deserve bigger posts if only to help me ask them properly at work.

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